What are Slider Windows?

If you have an opening that is wider than it is tall, slider windows are a great choice. Slider windows open horizontally to the left or right, opening up the entire height of your window to fresh air. One side of the slider is fixed, while the other slides on top of it. You can find the best slider windows Hawaii can get at Maui Windows & Doors.

What are the advantages of slider windows?

Long lasting and strong. Since slider windows don’t have springs or pulleys (which break over time), they generally have a long lifetime. Most slider windows come with window glazing, too, making them last longer than other window options.

Simple and easy to open and close. Slider windows are a great option for people who need to open their windows with ease. They open and close with very little effort. The windows are not heavy and they glide within the frame easily. All you do is release the security latch and slide the window open.

What is a standard size Slider Window?

Standard sizes for slider window widths are 36”, 48”, 60”, 72” and 84” inches wide. The actual windowpanes are a half-inch smaller to allow room for installation. For height, the standard sizes are 24”, 36”, 48” and 60” inches. A common size of 6’ wide by 4’ tall window is known as “6040.”

How will Slider Windows improve my home?

Easy to clean and maintain. Slider windows are simply constructed with just a few moving parts, which allows them to be a low-maintenance and affordable choice for your home.

Save on electricity. Most slider windows come equipped with window glazing, which helps with insulation and energy use. Over time, you’ll see the difference in your energy bills. When looking for the best windows Hawaii homes can have, slider windows are pretty high on the list.

Any Challenges?

Cleaning. Cleaning the inside of slider windows is easy, but cleaning the outside can be challenging, especially during the winter months. Unlike other types of windows that can be tilted inside for easy cleaning, slider windows only slide back and forth.

Other Tips for Slider Windows?

Slider windows come standard with window glazing…most of the time. Be sure to ask Maui Windows & Doors to find a window manufacturer that includes the glazing in the price to avoid paying more for this standard feature. If you’re thinking about installing slider windows, be sure to choose a trusted, quality product and installation team. Windows Hawaii is what Maui Windows & Doors does best. Get a quote now—give us a call today!