What are Single Hung Windows?

Single-hung windows are a popular choice for apartment buildings, offices, and new homes, mostly because they are on the lower end of the cost spectrum. Single-hung windows have a fixed upper half and moveable lower half that moves vertically up and down. They provide a classic look and affordable window option for any home or office. For help in choosing the best windows Hawaii can get, call Maui Windows & Doors to start the conversation.

What are the advantages of Single-Hung Windows?

They’re safe. Since single-hung windows open only up and down in one direction, there are fewer locks to worry about. With just one lock, you might be more likely to remember to lock it, too.

Affordable. You can compare styles, manufacturers, and options all day, but know that single-hung windows are usually the most low-cost window option. This is because a single-hung window has less moving parts than other windows (like double-hung).

Match your style. The design may be simple, but with tons of style options, you can find the right window for your home. Choose a unique style, shape, wood, trim, and more to create the perfect window for your space.

How will Single-Hung Windows improve my home?

Save money on electricity. Single-hung windows let less air in and out, which means savings on air conditioning and heat. With newer options and technology, options for glass, insulation, and frame can make the difference in how efficient your new window is. For advice on the best windows Hawaii homes can have, call Maui Windows & Doors.

Save space. Single-hung windows are ideal for smaller rooms, like bathrooms and home offices and areas with a lot of action, like hallways and entryways. Because they don’t move outward or inward (just up and down), they are best for tight spaces to let in extra air and light without losing space.

Any Challenges?

Repairs and maintenance. To keep your single-hung windows in working order, you’ll want to clean them from the inside AND outside. While not too hard on a ground floor level, if you have windows on a higher floor, you’ll want to use a ladder or get them professionally cleaned.

Other Tips for Single-Hung Windows?

If you’re thinking about installing single-hung windows, be sure to choose a trusted, quality product and installation team. Windows Hawaii is what Maui Windows & Doors does best. Get a quote now—give us a call today!