What are Double Hung Windows?

With double-hung windows, both parts inside the window frame can move up and down and tilt inward for easy cleaning. In comparison, with single hung windows, the top part is fixed in place and cannot move, but the lower part can. These days, a popular option is a spring-mounted mechanism that makes it easy to open and close.

What is a standard Double Hung window size?

For double-hung windows, the starting widths begin at 24 inches and go all the way up to double the size at 48 inches. There are other options with window widths of 28, 32 and 40 inches. The windowpane sizes are 1/2 inch less than the main frame. For the most various windows Hawaii has, get in touch with Maui Windows & Doors today.

What are the advantages of Double Hung Windows?

They can fit almost anywhere! Double-hung windows fit most home designs and come in a pretty impressive selection of shapes, sizes, and stock colors. You can also choose your material, whether it’s aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and vinyl.

Fits air conditioners and screens. Because the windows slide up and down instead of protruding out, these are a good window choice for a Maui home. Unlike some windows, double-hung windows allow you to install screens and air conditioning, keeping bugs out and cool air in.

Cleaning is a cinch! When you think about cleaning windows in Hawaii, you think of dust gathering quickly. Double-hung windows win for the easiest to clean. With options to move the windows up, down, or tilt in, these windows won’t stay dirty until the pros come. You can easily reach through to clean the outside.

How will Double Hung Windows improve my home?

Save on your energy bill. With options, like quadruple weather-stripping, you can keep the moisture out and the cool air in. Save money on your air conditioning!

Any Challenges?

Without quadruple weather-stripping, double-hung windows don’t have as tight of a seal as some other windows. The good news is, most new double-hung windows are better than older versions. If you have any old, inefficient double-hung windows, call Maui Windows & Doors to get them replaced.

Other tips for Double Hung Windows?

If you’re thinking about installing double windows, be sure to choose a trusted, quality product and installation team. Windows Hawaii is what Maui Windows & Doors does best. Get a quote now—give us a call today!