What are Bay and Boy Windows?

Both of these windows are made up of many windowpanes that can help you create the perfect reading or eating nook, curving outside your home to create more space. With three sides, the bay window has less sides that a bow window, which can have 4 or five openings. Bay windows usually have a picture window in the center with 2 (usually smaller) windows on the sides. A bow window is curved, making it look more rounded from the outside of your house. Some say that these window designs remind them of Victorian architecture, giving the appearance of a larger room and attracting more natural light.

What are the advantages of Bay or Bow Windows?

Simply put, you can add value to your property. People usually choose bay or bow windows for the classy look they add. From outside the home, the shiny glass gives your house a modern, clean style. From the inside, the sophisticated style creates the feeling of added space. If you improve the look and square footage of your home, the value goes up. Looking for the best windows Hawaii has to offer? Call Maui Windows & Doors today to start the process.

How will Bay or Bow windows improve my home?

With more windows, you’ll add more natural light in. Bay and bow windows give you panoramic views, letting more natural light to come in from many directions.

Better breezes. When looking for windows Hawaii winds can get through, bay and bow windows can both open up to let fresh air in—from multiple directions.

Placement options. Whether you want a kitchen nook for breakfast with your family or a reading nook in the living room for extra space, bay and bow windows can fit into nearly any wall in your home.

Any challenges?

Bay and bow windows both allow a lot of natural light to come in. With windows in Hawaii, you especially need to look for windows with high ratings against solar heat and you’ll want to grab some curtains if you don’t want as much light coming through. Also, sticking to a budget is tough, but you do not want to cut corners with your hardware pricing. Make sure you are purchasing from a qualified dealer and that it is installed properly.

Other tips for Bay or Bow windows?

If you’re thinking about installing bay or bow windows, be sure to choose a trusted, quality product and installation team. With the best windows Hawaii has to offer, give Maui Windows & Doors a call today to get your quote today!

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