There are a huge number of reasons why sliding doors are such a popular choice in Hawaii. With a perfect climate (most of the time) and stunning views, the only barrier you want between the indoors and outdoors is a clear one. Not only do sliding doors flood your indoors with natural light, they offer a large opening to let the fresh breeze of the trade winds flow through, filling your home with fresh air. This light and air can even help you save big on your electric bill. The best way to bring the outside inside is with the best sliding doors Hawaii has to offer from Maui Windows and Doors.

One of the best parts of living in Hawaii is the incredible, (mostly) sunny weather and temperate climate—and the views. It’s a well-known fact that the more light you let into your home, the less you need to spend on the electric bill. Large sliding screen doors also bring air through without the use (and cost) of bulky fans. This money-saving, illuminating, air-bringing, easy-to-use solution is as simple as sliding doors.

What kind of sliding doors are there?

There are a few things to think about when installing sliding doors in your home. You want to think about what wall you want to install it in, where the sun rises and sets, and the direction of the wind. All sliding doors slide on a horizontal plane, saving space and adding an openness to walls that were solid or had smaller doors. Depending on the material, design, and glass, sliding doors Hawaii homes use can add a very different feeling to your home and can bring the outdoors indoors.

From lift-slide to multi-slide to pocketing sliding doors that disappear into your walls leaving a seamless indoor/outdoor space, you can customize the sliding doors Hawaii residents like you will love. Maui Windows & Doors provides only the top-quality brands for sliding doors, like LaCantina and Loewen. With help from one of our friendly technicians, we can help you find the sliding door that can bring your outdoors indoors. 

Why add sliding doors?

Look around your home. Do you have a lot of natural light? A large outdoor area or a stunning view through a small window? With glass sliding doors, you have the opportunity to complete a transformation that can open your home to the outdoors, bring in the breeze, save money, and increase your home’s value. Sliding doors can really change the feeling of your home and are worth considering if you have a great spot for installation. If you’re not sure whether you have room for sliding doors in your home or not, let us know and we can help you out.

For sliding doors Hawaii homes can rely on, call a friendly representative from Maui Windows & Doors and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll do our best to make sure you get the quality exterior doors Hawaii residents like you deserve.

What are the benefits of sliding glass doors?

Besides opening your wall up to awe-inspiring views with sliding doors, there are a lot of other benefits to installing exterior doors Hawaii homes thrive with. Living in Hawaii, you will want sliding doors for many reasons – to let in light, keep bugs out with screens, increase air flow, open up your view and still protect you from the occasional rainstorm. Think about how much better your home could be when you bring the outside inside with sliding doors Hawaii style. 

Save Electricity with Natural Light and a Fresh Breeze

Did you know that increasing natural light in your home can improve your health in a number of ways? It can help you to be calmer, more productive, happier and healthier a lot easier with natural light from your new sliding glass doors.

We know that electricity bills in Hawaii can add up fast. The second the sun starts warming up your home, you put on the fan or air conditioning to start cooling down. If you had sliding doors, you could just open them up and let the breeze flow. 

When you install sliding doors Hawaii electricity bills tend to drop. From natural light that floods your home to refreshing breezes that flow through, the benefits of adding sliding doors are great for your home value, your comfort, and your electric bill.

Space-Saving Design

Impress your guests when you slide two massive crystal-clear doors apart, revealing a modern outdoor living space and opening up your home to the great outdoors. Bring the outdoors indoors with expansive views and a small footprint with exterior doors Hawaii kamaʻaina can count on. Sliding doors are known for their space-saving capabilities, as they don’t swing and can stack in smaller spaces. For the ultimate sleek look, install pocket glass sliding doors and open them up to make the glass doors disappear into the wall, creating a seamless indoor/outdoor space that you, your friends, and family will love.

Low Maintenance

Once your sliding glass doors are installed, there really isn’t a lot of upkeep. Cleaning the clear glass panels with glass cleaner to keep a clear view and keeping debris out of the track are the bulk of the upkeep. This is a huge benefit, as you don’t want to deal with doors that take a lot more work than they’re worth. Sliding glass doors are easy to slide, as well, which is preferable to big, bulky, heavy doors that are hard to open and close. 

What’s the best place to add sliding doors?

When you’re thinking about the best placement for exterior doors Hawaii residents can get, think about where the sun is. If you want incredible sunset views, a west-facing set of sliding doors makes sense. For the most glorious sunny wake-up call, add a set of east-facing exterior doors to let the light in as soon as the sun comes up. The trade winds and Kona winds are important to know about as well, as sliding doors placed correctly can bring these delicious breezes right through your home, saving you money on cooling costs.

If you’re worried about privacy, it’s not a problem. With many glass pane options, you can get frosted or etched glass to keep prying eyes from seeing indoors when your doors are closed.

What materials are sliding doors made from?

You’ve got a good amount to choose from when it comes to sliding door material. There are multiple options, from wood to aluminum to vinyl for the frame and of course, many glass options for the door. For easy sliding, a common choice for floor rollers is plastic, which helps move the doors smoothly without a lot of effort. We’ll show you the doors Hawaii homeowners love!

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

When considering exterior doors for your home, get sliding doors Hawaii climates can handle. With secure, strong glass and leak-proof seals, Maui Doors & Windows products hold up to the hot sun and withstand the unpredictable hurricane season. Add a stunning set of the most modern exterior doors Hawaii can get and add value and function to your home—and more of a view. A set of sliding doors that leads to your outdoor living space or lanai truly brings the outdoors indoors, as you can leave the doors open for a seamless, spacious leisure area. 

Give your home a major upgrade this year by installing sliding doors and bring in uplifting natural light, cooling breezes, and a way to bring the beautiful Hawaiian outdoors indoors.


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