We view installation in occupied spaces as a key part of the Maui Windows and Doors experience. We understand that you work or live in the space where we install, and recognize that taking the pain out of this process is key. Working hand in hand with our experienced installers, we carefully map out the installation logistics of each job in order to minimize disruption. In many cases the only indication that we were even there is a quieter and more comfortable space.


Increase the value of your home or office and save on cooling costs by replacing your old and broken windows with new and energy-efficient windows designed cool year round. We can install any type of window including vinyl, wood, and composite windows, storm windows, bay windows, sliding windows, double hung, and many others. Replacement windows are affordable and are available in many shapes and sizes. Contact the window professionals now at (808) 877-3667.


Besides replacing and installing windows for hundreds of Maui County residential customers for the past 2 decades, we also specialize in windows for many commercial customers as well. Whether they are constructing new buildings and offices or remodeling older structures to house their companies, Maui Windows and Doors; has been there to help them choose the right window for their needs to complete the project within budget and maximize savings on energy costs. If you are looking to replace or install new windows for your business, Maui Windows and Doors is your best choice for quality workmanship and professionalism. And as with our residential installations, all work is completed quickly and efficiently leaving no mess behind.