How many times have you been to a friend’s house (or your own) and have seen holes or tears in the screens? Where insects are flying in and accidentally bumping up against the screen can cause more tearing? Whether it’s from a naughty pet, child, age, or just general wear and tear, holes in screens can be an easy way for unwanted guests to get into your home—from annoying mosquitoes to dangerous criminals. With a three-point locking system, the frame of the Titan security screen is another way to keep your home and family safe. Not even a crowbar can break open a locked Titan screen door.

Titan security screens use Meshtec Advanced Screen Systems, which have been proven again and again to provide incredible strength and security without sacrificing your view. With other bonus features, like fire resistance against sparks and embers, specific protection against dog and cat claws, and exceeding stringent cut, impact, and jimmy resistance standards these screens are the most durable on the market. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your screens or you’re building a new home or office, Titan security screens are the best option for storm safety and security.

Where is the best place to install super-durable Titan security screens?

Ideally, any large area, like a door, or picture window are ideal locations to install a Titan Meshtec screen. Not only will you increase curb appeal (since you’d no longer need security bars or panels), but you’ll increase the value of your home or business. The available products include sliding patio doors, windows, and front doors. So, whether you’re looking to protect the front of your home, the back sliding doors, or windows into your children’s rooms, anywhere you want to prevent break-ins and provide the best security screen money can buy, is the best place to install Titan.

With Titan Screens, you can expect:

  • Unbeatable Security – tolerating various tests of toughness, these screens will last
  • Ventilation – expect steady airflow unhindered by the fine screen mesh
  • Full View – don’t sacrifice your view with a solid screen and full visibility
  • Fire Resistance – screens that resist flying embers, helping to protect your home
  • Pet Protection – keeps your furry friends safe and protect against clawing damage
  • Insect Control – keeps bugs out with security-grade strength and small holes
  • UV Protection – a bonus with island-living, these screens block 60% of UV rays

“High Tech” Screen Testing

To prove how strong Titan Meshtec screens are, the company set up some visually stunning tests to prove their strength. The results were impressive—and really fun to watch. Here’s a breakdown of the tests and how Titan security screens prove their durability over and over again.

“Fastball” test: Screen testing technicians from Titan set up a powerful air gun and shot some baseballs right into a Meshtec screen from about 20 feet away. The screens jiggled slightly but were left in perfect condition. Most screens would tear or at least be misshapen following that.

“FORE!” test: With the same air gun, three golf balls were launched straight into the screen, which showed absolutely no impact or dents. This one “hits home” for many Hawaii residents that live nearby golf courses. These screens might save your windows if you live on or near a golf course.

“Hatchet Attack” test: Titan technicians attacked the Meshtec screen vigorously using a hammer claw and a SUPER sharp hatchet. The testers tried their best to break through the screen. Though a couple visible marks were left, no tears or holes were caused.

“Furry Friends” test: A 50+ pound chocolate Labrador launched himself at the screen and desperately clawed it to get through, but quickly gave up and walked away. Bella, the kitten climbed up the screen and literally “hung out” with no damage done. If you have pets, you know that a cat climbing a screen or dog looking for a way in when left outside can cause major damage and even require screen replacement. Titan security screens are a necessity for pet owners who want to avoid replacing their screens on a regular basis.

“Homerun” test: Here, technicians took a heavy wooden baseball bat and hit the screen as hard as you’d need to hit a ball out of a ballpark. The Meshtec resisted and no visible damage was done. Any regular old screen on the market would easily be dented, detached, or torn by using this amount of force.

“Crowbar” test: This test, unlike the previous tests which examined the screen surface, attacked the integrity of the three-point locking system within the frame of the door. You see a man with a crowbar jam it into the edge by the door handle and try to pop the screen door off the hinges with no luck. Not only is the screen super durable, the installation is easy and super secure.

“Stabber” test: During this final test, a technician takes a small, sharp knife and stabs it straight on to the screen a number of times. Like the hatchet test, small dents were left, but no blade made it through. The security of knowing that not even a common knife can make it through your screen is priceless!

It’s clear from these tests that Titan security screens are more durable than any other generic screen door or window on the market. For anyone living with pets, near a golf course, or wanting to keep their families and belongings protected, Titan screens are the way to go!

Top Three Reasons to Get Security Screens

Installing new screens may not be a big deal most places in the world, but in Hawaii, it matters! From bugs to criminals, to UV rays, there are a lot of things you want to keep out of your home and certain things you don’t want to give up—like your stunning views. So, why would you want to install the highest security screens in your home or business? Keep reading to find out…

1) Safety is Number One

It’s obvious you want to keep your family and all your belongings safe from criminals. Not only do Titan Meshtec Screens keep your home and business safe, but even protects you from bugs and UV radiation. With super-fine mesh, not even fruit flies can make it through your screen – neither can mosquitoes, cockroaches, or centipedes. Most screens that people have in their homes can easily be broken through. Set the standard for your family and your future by investing in Titan Meshtec security screens and leave the worries to the hungry mosquitoes hanging by the door.

2) We Live in Hawaii for the Outdoors

Besides the incredible temperate weather and Aloha spirit, many of us live in Hawaii because we have a love for the outdoors. Not just being in them, but being surrounded by its beauty. A lot of security screens on the market are so thick, your views can be obstructed. With Titan Meshtec screens, not only are you staying safe, but you’re not sacrificing your view—no need for security bars or panels that can break up your beautiful landscape. Consider Titan screens for your expansive views to keep everything out, except your view.

3) They Pay Their Own Way

Think about how much you can save on electricity if you feel safe leaving your doors open and screens closed? No need for indoor fans or air conditioning, if you’re enjoying a breeze through your home. With UV protection, blocking up to 60% of UV rays, you’re keeping your home cooler and safer as well. With Titan Meshtec durable security screens, you can keep your home safe, cool, and energy efficient in one installation. Next time you see a hole in a screen, whether at your home or a friend’s, remember that Titan security screens would make a world of difference.

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