What are the options for sliding doors?

Sliding doors slide back and forth on a horizontal plane, but you may be surprised by how much they can differ. From multi-slide, lift-slide and pocketing sliding doors that disappear into your walls, there are some choices to make before buying. Maui Windows & Doors carries some of the best quality brands for sliding doors, like LaCantina and Loewen. With the help from a qualified technician, we can help you find the sliding door that’s right for you.

What materials are sliding doors made from?

Again, there are multiple options, from wood to aluminum to vinyl, and of course, glass. The tracks in the floor will be one of these materials as well. For easy sliding, there are usually plastic rollers that help move the doors smoothly. We’ll show you the doors Hawaii homeowners love!

What are the standard sizes for sliding doors?

Standard patio doors are usually 6’ 8” tall and can range from 5’-12’ wide, depending on the number of panels you choose to install. Do you have an opening that’s bigger than standard size? No problem! We can help you find the ideal sliding door for your space up to 15’ tall and as wide as you need it to be.

Why should you get sliding doors?

They open your indoors to the outdoors. With large glass panels, sliding doors act as large windows, giving you open views, plenty of natural light, and an openness you don’t get with other doors.

Easy to use. With a simple horizontal slide, you don’t need to worry about items (or people) in the way when you open the door, since they slide along the same tracks. You can also leave them open when entertaining for seamless indoor/outdoor living.

Maintenance is a cinch. The biggest thing is making sure you’re keeping your glass clean to let in the light and have a picturesque view. Sliding doors are easy to maintain and make almost no noise as they glide along the tracks.

Are there any challenges to getting sliding doors?

If you’re getting brand new doors installed, they are definitely an investment, but the nice thing is that once they’re installed, there’s virtually no repairs or maintenance required.

Some doors only open halfway across your opening. If you’re looking to get total clearance, speak with one of our Maui Windows & Doors representatives to talk to you about pocketed and multi-slide door options.

Some people worry about security risks with having large panes of glass looking right into your home. Luckily, today we have the technology to create high-impact resistant glass. For some of the best doors Hawaii has to offer, come to Maui Windows & Doors!