With the wide array of large door possibilities available today, there is a solution for every taste and budget.  Creating door openings that fold completely out of the way, or disappear into a wall pocket, no longer have to be only imagined.  Living in Hawaii gives us the unique ability to create outdoor living space with a “no threshold” or “barefoot friendly” door system.  We can help to make your vision your reality.

Uninterrupted Scenery

The forest, water, mountains, beach or city beyond your doors is brought into the comfort and privacy of your home or office. Our bi-folding, sliding and pocketing exterior doors can easily create walls of glass that open your space to the outdoors and give you the capacity to spread out.

Door Types

Choose from a variety of door styles, layouts, and configurations to give your space the ultimate seamless transition.  Options include: Bi-Folding DoorsLift-Slide DoorsMulti-Slide Doors, Pocketing, and Bi-Parting Doors.