What are the best door for indoor/outdoor spaces?

Maui Windows & Doors offers a huge selection of doors and brands to create that seamless indoor/outdoor space that celebrates the beauty of Hawaii. Living in the islands, we are lucky to be able to have these openings with no thresholds, making it barefoot friendly.

What are the benefits of indoor/outdoor openings?

Seamless scenery. The beach, island view, or stunning yard blends effortlessly with your indoor space, creating the open area of your dreams. We know the doors Hawaii residents will love!

Natural light. With a wide opening covered in glass, these doors act as windows, letting the beautiful natural light in your home (and save you money on your electric bill).

Easy access. If you love admiring the outdoors, reading a book on the lanai, or entertaining friends and family, an indoor/outdoor option would greatly enhance your lifestyle.

So many style options. Rather than a plain door that allows you to go outside, there are many varieties of indoor/outdoor doors that are visually appealing and can make your home a masterpiece.

What door options work best for indoor/outdoor areas?

With help from a friendly face from Maui Windows & Doors, we can find the best option for your space. We have folding doors that can totally disappear when not in use, sliding doors, and pocketed doors that fit right into your walls. Depending on your preference and style, we have the door that will fit your needs.

What materials are doors for indoor/outdoor spaces made of?

Mostly, these doors are giant panels of glass that give you a beautiful view of your outdoor space, even when they’re closed. The framing options can range from wood to vinyl or aluminum, depending on your preference, your environment, and your budget.

Things to consider before buying doors for your indoor/outdoor space:

View. Do you want only a couple full glass panels? Sliding doors might be the best. Want more of an accordion fold to get doors 100% out of the way when wanting a seamless indoor/outdoor space? Think about the views you want with doors open and shut so you craft the space you desire.

Threshold. Do you want a “barefoot-friendly” threshold or do you not mind stepping over some tracks? The doors you choose will have an impact, so think carefully before going all-in on your purchase.

Hurricane testing. As a Hawaii resident, you already know that Hurricane season runs from June 1st-November 30th. Being prepared with hurricane-safe panels is a must for island living. Speak to a representative to make sure you are safe throughout hurricane season. For some of the best doors Hawaii has to offer, come to Maui Windows & Doors!