Why Should I get a Garage Door?

In Hawaii, carports are very common, but they don’t provide much security. Having an enclosed garage not only provides a safe place for cars and storage, but also can provide another shaded place out of the hot island sun. Your Maui garage doors come in tons of options and styles and with help from a friendly Maui Windows & Doors employee, we can help you create a look that compliments your home and lifestyle.

What are the options for Garage Doors?

Canopy doors are a simple, affordable option with one single panel that swings up and leaves a ledge sticking out when open. Canopy doors usually need to be opened manually, so if you’re picturing pressing a button to drive into your garage, this isn’t the right door option for you. One advantage to canopy doors is that they are very low maintenance.

Retractable garage doors also come with one panel, but are designed to be used electronically. They tend to take up a bit more space in your garage than other options, but the convenience factor may make it worth it for you. Unlike a canopy door, retractable garage doors swing all the way up and back into your garage, leaving no overhang.

Roller garage doors are the most space-efficient garage doors on the market. With corrugated steel panels, the doors rolls up onto a spool right at the entry to your garage. These doors are very secure, durable, and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Since they’re made of steel, roller garage doors can hold up to extreme weather and are insulated to keep your cars and storage nice and cool in from the hot sun.

Sectional garage doors are probably the most common doors you see, with 3-8 panels and are operable by pressing a button on a remote, these doors fully retract inside and sit at the top of your garage ceiling when retracted. These Maui garage doors would be great for keeping hot air out and cool air in.

What materials are Garage Doors made of?

Choosing garage doors Maui residents can count on depends on the style you choose, there are options available in wood, aluminum, or steel. You can pick from many styles, colors, and functions to get the right fit for you. Glass can help add to the look of your garage door as well, with frosted or textured options available for privacy. Some are automatic and some are manual, so talk to an expert to find the optimum fit for your garage. For some of the best doors Hawaii has to offer, come to Maui Windows & Doors!