What are Folding Doors?

Sometimes called bi-fold or accordion doors, folding doors are meant to be panels that can be folded to be out of the way, creating an entirely open space between rooms or to the outdoors. Folding doors open to the sides, so no worries about hitting anything when they swing in or out. If you have any questions about whether folding doors are right for your space, just ask one of our experts at Maui Windows & Doors.

What are the advantages of Folding Doors?

For doors Hawaii residents can use seamlessly, think folding doors. They are easy to install. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or wide space to install folding doors, they can fit in almost any space to create a nice barrier or totally free opening.

Convenient for the day-to-day. Leave one or more panels open for free-flowing traffic throughout your home. Folding doors can be installed flush with your floors for trip-free thresholds. If you have small children, there are plenty of “finger-safe” options available to protect them.

Versatile. We can install the doors to sit inside or outside your home when open, so you get the look and feel you want. You can open up the whole wall for gorgeous days or secure everything during storm season.

Lots of style options. You may think folding doors are only for a modern look, but with the large number of options available, you can fit the style of the door to your home. Whether you want solid panels, or glass to let in natural light, the choice is yours.

Things to consider with Folding Doors:

Frames around your windows. Since folding doors have multiple panels, you won’t get that clear view that you might get with a couple large sliding door panels. Each glass pane includes an aluminum or UPVC frame that may impact your seamless view.

Threshold. While a barefoot friendly option, smooth threshold can be nice, it can also allow for water or dust to be blown in during extreme weather. Small slopes can be installed to avoid this, but be sure to talk to one of our experts to make sure folding doors are the right option for you.

Value. If this is the look and style you want, it’s a no-brainer, but it is on the upside of the pricing scale when it comes to doors. If maintained properly, they can even raise the resell value of your home.

No matter what doors you choose for your home, we will make sure you’re confident with your choice and happy with your purchase.For some of the best doors Hawaii has to offer, come to Maui Windows & Doors!