What are Entry Doors?

An entry door is that first impression that people get of your style when they come to your house. The front door you choose can really impress your guests or impact the look of your entire home. Not only do they allow you to enter the home, they represent invitation and warmth. Maui Windows & Doors has a huge selection of entry doors for you to choose from, making sure we match your home, your style, and help you stand out.

What types of Entry Doors are there?

Entry doors can vary in size, shape, style, and the way they open. A couple ways to get inspiration is to drive around areas that you like the homes and take photos of doors you like, or by browsing the internet to see what doors catch your eye.

Some unique options that you may not think about right away are creating an arch above your entry door for an inviting curve, adding glass, metal, or resin inserts for a unique flair, or a beautiful pane of stained glass to stand out on your street.

What material is best for an Entry Door?

You can choose from wood, fiberglass, or steel, but when you think about the wear and tear from saltwater, sand, and wind here in the Hawaiian Islands, you might want to leave steel alone. Wood or fiberglass is going to stand the test of time with the outdoor elements much better. For doors Hawaii homeowners will have for a long time, think wood or fiberglass!

Do you want glass in your Front Door?

Do you want glass? You can choose your privacy level into your home from full, clear glass, inviting everyone to see inside, to a small window, clear or textured to give you privacy, but let in a little natural light. Or, no glass, giving you complete privacy from the outside world. It all depends on your sense of style.

What is the standard size for an Entry Door?

Usually, entry doors range from 30”-36” wide, 80” tall, and 1 ¾” thick. If your entryway is larger than that, there are double door and custom options available.

What’s the most energy efficient Entry Door?

Wood doors tend to fall behind steel and fiberglass when it comes to insulation. If you’re looking for a door to keep the heat out and the cool air in, you’ll want to find a door with Energy Star Qualification. This means the doors are tested and certified with tighter frames, energy-efficient insides, and if they have glass, they’ll have double or triple-panels to cut down on heat transfer. Ask a qualified representative to help you find an entry door that you’ll love. For some of the best doors Hawaii has to offer, come to Maui Windows & Doors!