Since 1935, Breezway has been loyally creating high quality, innovative windows for its customers. Now an internationally recognized brand, Breezway has the best louver windows for the best value. Maui Windows and Doors is excited to help you complete your home, office, or business with the perfect windows, bringing you fresh air and the level of privacy you want.

When choosing your louver windows, you want to look at its functionality and how it performs under lab tests. Breezway passes these tests with flying colors. Over 150 of them, all on different sizes, and even more testing was done when developing the products. Who are these tests done by? The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratories in Australia and the National Certified Testing Laboratories (NCTL) in the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (AALA) program. The rigorous tests make sure that our high quality louver windows can withstand hurricane-force winds (up to 145 MPH) and can keep water out, so your home or other space stays dry.

Over 150 tests have been completed on Breezway louver products in a range of sizes and many more trials during Product Development. These are conducted by National Certified Testing Laboratories (NCTL) in the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (AALA) program and the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratories in Australia. Tests have been successfully completed Structural Test Pressure at 52.5psf (145 MPH Wind Velocity) and 5.25psf Water Resistance.

Altair Louver

One of the best features of Breezway’s Altair Louvers is the way the drainage routes are designed. The special clips they use sends water to the outside of the building, keeping you dry and safe from moisture, mold, and mildew. Acetal, an incredibly strong plastic is what they use to make the bearings in their windows. This makes sure your windows work smoothly and last through each open and close motion for years. Breezway is proud of its patent for this bearing system that includes a system that improves water-tight seals when closed and can be locked to keep all rain out. If you have a louver system in your space already, an upgrade to Altair Louver windows will upgrade your window game. With an easy “open and close” action that will last roughly 35 years (with daily use), you’ll wonder what took you so long.

Altair Powerlouver Windows

Want to install louver windows for the added air circulation, but your windows are up too high to open and close them by hand? Your solution is Altair Powerlouver Windows. These genius windows are the perfect answer to your problems. With a low-voltage consumption for opening and closing the windows, this investment is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to love. With options to control the Breezway Powerlouvers with the Apptivate app on your phone, this product brings louvers into the 21stcentury. Maui Windows and Doors can help your floor to ceiling or hard-to-reach windows get the power to do more.

Altair Louvers with the Stronghold System

If you’re looking for extra security or live in a climate where weather can get rough, you’ll want to upgrade to the Stronghold System by Breezway. This product will hold glass blades in place while still leaving plenty of room for your view. Maui Windows and Doors recommends the Stronghold System for buildings with more that one story, elementary, middle, and high schools, lanai areas, or as an extra layer of security in a residential building.

How does it work? A pin goes all the way through the clips, blade, and bearings, keeping it locked in and secure. It takes special tools to take it apart, meaning it’s safe to assume most people couldn’t get in with a regular screwdriver. When security or tropical storms are a risk, the Stronghold System should be your pick.

Glass Louver Blades

You’re the boss when it comes to choosing the type of glass for your louver windows. Whether you want clear glass to keep your view or obscure tinted glass for more privacy, our team will get you the glass that’s right for your space. Want to upgrade? Maui Windows and Doors can hook you up with glass that is tempered to be super strong and safe or apply an energy efficient clear low-E coating. If your glass is ¼” thick, it’s good to go. Maui Windows and Doors can help you install almost any type of glass into your Altair Louver windows.

Wood Louver Blades

For a warmer, woody, natural style and solid privacy, Breezway’s Western Red Cedar wood louver blades are a classy choice. Keep the breeze flowing, but keep unwanted eyes from the inside of your office or residence. Looking for a specific color of wood to match your home? We’re happy to stain your choice to keep your style in sync.

Aluminum Louver Blades

A super low-maintenance choice, Breezway’s aluminum louver blades never rust and don’t need to be painted. Coming in classic colors like white, clear, and bronze, the aluminum louver panels will add a beautiful breeze in a style that matches yours. Prefer the look of wood, but don’t like the idea of maintaining it? Maui Windows and Doors can help you choose a Decowood or custom color to keep that natural wood appeal in your space. If you want the easiest to care for louvers, aluminum is the way to go.

Screens & Barriers

While louver windows let the breeze through, they may let in bugs, too. If you want an insect barrier or security screen installed, ask a Maui Windows & Doors representative what your options are. Breezway offers their ios window system and strip hardware that can make installing screens a snap.

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