Judging the performance of a louver window can be done in two ways, firstly by its performance in the field and secondly by its performance in a laboratory testing environment.

The Altair Louver design now has some ten years field experience in Australia, Hawaii and across the world and is widely recognised as a proven performer to International Standards.

Over 150 tests have been completed on Breezway louver products in a range of sizes and many more trials during Product Development. These are conducted by National Certified Testing Laboratories (NCTL) in the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (AALA) program and the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratories in Australia. Tests have been successfully completed Structural Test Pressure at 52.5psf (145 MPH Wind Velocity) and 5.25psf Water Resistance.

Altair Louver

The Altair Louver clips incorporate patented concealed primary and secondary drainage channels that direct the flow of any water to the outside of the building. This is a fundamental contributor to the high water performance of the Altair Louver.The bearings in the Altair Louver are manufactured from high quality acetal. Acetal is a high strength plastic that ensures a long product life through its high strength, low friction properties and high resistance to fatigue.Breezway’s patented bearing is injected moulded and incorporates a “living hinge” system that when engaged with the clip and louver channel provides a system that pulls the clip in tight against the channel for improved sealing when closed and disengages in the open position for easy operation.The bearing of the Altair Louver is also designed to fit deeply inside the Altair Louver clip to grip the louver blade and provide a positive engagement, increased strength and greater resistance to forced entry.The bearing and clips pivot via T shaped operating bars that engage with the bearings through a rack and pinion mechanism. This provides distribution of load and enables a strong locking force and ability to exceed 40,000 open/close cycles. That’s three times a day for over thirty five years.The Altair louver is made from aluminum, stainless steel and industrial grade plastics. The Altair Louver handles are made of high strength acetal and stainless steel. The acetal in particular provides a high strength, flexible handle, which unlike aluminum handle it will spring back to its original shape and position, even when bent severely.

Altair Powerlouver Windows

Low voltage Altair Powerlouver Windows are a sleek, elegant solution to your window automation needs. Designed for easy installation, the Powerlouver Window removes the complexity of sourcing special trades to install the system and is ideal for a range of design applications such as high out-of-reach locations or as floor-to-ceiling feature windows.

The Powerlouver is available in Breezway’s Easyscreen Window System. For more information visit Frame Types.

Breezway Powerlouvers can be controlled by Apptivate Control Units or a third party Building Management Systems (BMS). For more information on Building Management Systems please contact your builder or designer.

Altair Louvers with the Stronghold System

Use the Stronghold System where windows are above ground level or extra strength is required.

Designed to mechanically retain blades without obstructing outdoor views, the Stronghold System improves blade retention and minimizes the risk of blades being dislodged by impact.Stronghold is ideal for multi-level buildings, schools, lanai enclosures, or as an added barrier in residential buildings.The louver blades are retained in Stronghold Clips by a pin that passes through the clips, bearing and blade. Once installed, the pins cannot be removed without tools and the blades are prevented from being removed from the clips. Pins are visible on the inside/underside of the clips.

Glass Louver Blades

Obscure, etched, grey, bronze, tempered for extra strength and safety, with a clear low e coating for enhanced energy efficiency, or good old sparkling clear glass! As long as it’s 1/4″ thick, almost every type of glass can be incorporated into an Altair Louver Window.

Wood Louver Blades

Western Red Cedar wood blades let the breeze in and create privacy at the same time while reducing the amount of heat passing through the window. All woods can be stained to blend in with your home.

Aluminum Louver Blades

Aluminum blades are virtually maintenance free, can’t rust and never need painting. Our aluminum blades are offered in white, clear and bronze. Custom colors can be ordered including Decowood for that eye-catching wood look.

Screens & Barriers

There are many framing systems today that will allow a security or insect screen to be placed to the inside or the outside of your Breezway Louver Windows. Following discussions with your window dealer you may choose Breezway’s ios Window System. Alternatively we will often sell our Altair Louver Strip Hardware to window dealers who will use their own framing systems.

Breezway has developed the Altair Stronghold System to provide added strength and safety to your building. To achieve this, a high performance acetal pin is inserted through the inside face of the louver clip, through the bearing and a hole that is drilled into each end of the tempered glass or aluminum blade.

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