When you’re scouring over blueprints and deciding on doors and windows, look no further that Loewen. With their delicately crafted, unique, and structurally sound doors and windows, they want their customers to have the best doors and windows money can buy. With a connection to the island through Maui Windows and Doors, residents can get the same high-quality products that are celebrated up North in Canada and the mainland. With over 110 years in the business, they know what it takes to make a beautiful, lasting addition to any home or business.


As not to overload our customers with dozens of choices, we keep it simple, offering only the highest durability Coastal Douglas Fir wood or Mahogany grown on a plantation. Besides the rich color and tone, both of these wood options are tested to be tough, lasting, and a joy to work with, making them the perfect candidates for detailed milling and can make the smallest details shine. To keep the doors from absorbing moisture and warping, both of these woods are covered in a water repellent wood preservative before it gets shipped to you. Though there are only 2 wood options, we wouldn’t let you choose from anything but the best, and Loewen’s extensive design options should excite your decision maker. If you’re desperate to have another type of wood, let’s talk. Maui Windows and Doors has a number of options available through our customization program.

BiFold Doors

Picture yourself walking through your bedroom to your balcony towards your new bifold doors. You easily glide them open to reveal the most stunning panoramic view you’ve seen from your home. Doesn’t that sound nice? Whether you have a great view, pool area, or back yard, Loewen BiFold doors are a great option to open your home to be an indoor/outdoor space. We can help you create your dream doors when you pick your frame color, size (up to 52 feet long!), glass option, and style, we’ll help with the rest.

LiftSlide Doors

For an impactful and impressive view, open up your new LiftSlide door to reveal a huge opening to your outdoor area, combining with the indoor to make an expansive space. With all kinds of finish options form bright colors to metallic shades to black and white, these doors can be up to 40 feet wide and opens smoothly to a panoramic view. The uniquely low stainless steel track keeps bold lines to a minimum, looking as if the doors are sliding straight on the floor. If you’ve got a wall blocking your hillside, lake, ocean, or mountain view, install the Loewen LiftSlide doors. It’s an investment you’ll never regret, unless you regret not getting it sooner.

MultiSlide Doors

If you live in a place with rough weather, the MultiSlide doors will keep you protected, yet still allow you to integrate your indoor and outdoor space when the weather is behaving. Options are nearly endless when you consider your design, finish, glass, and clad color. Our main goal? To make you happy and a lifelong customer. You know you’ll get exactly what you want when you go with Loewen doors.

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