One of the top recognized companies for eye-popping entrances, storefronts, windows, and curtain walls is EFCO. Whether your project includes the entire side of a city block or is a mom & pop store getting a well-deserved facelift, they have the solutions right for you. Their goal is to be your number one thought when it comes to commercial architecture. They provide only high-quality results, impeccable service, and will make each project worth your investment.


If you’re looking for window options for a commercial building, EFCO is here for you. Whether you need windows that open and close or stay shut, single or multi-window products, their fully customizable window selection will help you see clearly.


They offer a wide variety of options to keep you and your clients safe from harm. Their blast and impact products can withstand a great deal of pressure, weight, and heat with a weather-tight curtain wall system. Sun control solutions can help reduce solar glare and the heat that comes with it, while still allowing light through. Sunshades can help save energy for the entire building, as well.


Affordable and no-nonsense, EFCO storefront systems give you an easy, affordable installation to finish the job with an inviting entryway. If your storefront is for a store, a school, or other business, there are two main options, ribbon and framing, that can pair with other products for a one-size-fits-all approach to your storefront design.


EFCO specializes in glass, so when you want to flood your home, office, or apartment with light, their sliding and swinging glass doors should be first on your list. The sliding doors can be single or multi-paneled and offer a fitting, high-quality design for any patio, lanai, terrace, or balcony locations. The swing door options can be the perfect solution for a multifamily home or a storefront. All of the doors are customizable, so you can choose your materials and style to get exactly what you’re looking for.


Available in a variety of depths, profiles, finishes and unitized options, their relatively lightweight, weather tight curtain wall systems provide a cutting-edge combination of design and performance — including thermal, hurricane and blast resistance.

EFCO curtain walls come in three main styles:

  • UNITIZED These walls will make your wallet happy with a lower time and installation cost for this high-performing wall. Everything comes ready to go, glaze and all and you get to choose your glazing, isolators, and/or thermal breaks
  • TRADITIONAL This is your typical stick-built system, which is a classic functional design with easy installation and glazing options for the interior and/or exterior curtain wall.
  • WINDOW WALL If you’re building a low-rise building with multiple levels, this window wall can be used to appear as a curtain wall.


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