If you’ve got a large contract with a lofty architectural plan that requires top quality windows and doors, Arcadia Custom is the right vendor for the job. With over 80 years of experience creating jaw-dropping windows, entrances, walls, and more, they are the partner to count on for amazing quality and products that will stand the test of time. Arcadia specializes in large, commercial buildings, helping transform a building into an art piece with personality. Consider Maui Windows and Doors as your partner for your next large commercial project in Maui, Hawaii. Your success is our success.


Something unique that they offer is help in getting LEED certification on your project. Providing easy-to-use PDFs about LEED on their web page and walking customers through the process, they ensure that our earth benefits from your smart design choices.

Series Collection

The Series collection includes a wide variety of sliding glass doors that will open up an entire wall of a building for stunning views. These doors can seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoors spaces and provide you with a view to make your friends jealous. With an endless number of options, just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen.


Safety is number one in our books. We have a huge selection of products in our Arcadia repertoire that will keep people from harm. The blast and fire protection series go through a battery of tests before installation. With a 2-year warranty, these solid, tested, framed, and glazed products will give you the priceless satisfaction of peace of mind.
The storm impact series is perfect for a tropical climate like Maui. It seems that tropical storms and extreme weather are in the news every day. One of the biggest concerns of business owners is the damage that can be done when unluckily in the path of an incoming storm. To help keep our customers, clients, and their resident’s safe, Arcadia now has an extensive line of products to help avoid weather-related damage.
With 14-gauge power coated steel security window screens, you can tell any intruder, “good luck!” With tested, guaranteed, and stronger-than-you-thought-possible screens, you can’t go wrong with this system to keep you and yours safe.

Acoustical Series

Do you want to create a space that enhances sound? Or keeps sounds to a minimum? Whether it’s a concert hall or the opening of a public space where concerts and performers will appear, trust Maui Windows and Doors to help you get the perfect sound. After years of research, Arcadia has found the solution for controlling sound by filling empty spaces, ensuring tight seals, and having the perfect thickness of glass in our designs. For an impactful, beautiful, functional design, choose Arcadia.


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