Centor Screens

Our partnership with Centor Screens will guarantee that you get the finest screens and shades available for your home. Maui Windows & Doors will help you find the right size for your doors and windows. This award-winning company makes some impressive products!

Screen Systems

Centor’s screen systems are built to fit any opening in your home, whether it’s a small window, a single or double door, or giant wall opening. Whether your door swings, slides, or hinges, we can get a screen for it.

Protect Your Home

With award-winning shades and insect screens, Centor’s products are proven to keep out bugs, sun, and unwanted attention. Pair these elegant screens with a new door or existing openings.

Choose retractable screens that sit in your wall if you want your system out of sight. With a horizontal movement, your new retractable screens will slide across to protect you from unwanted outside elements.

Centor screens are super-smooth, touting a patented technology and thousands of hours of research for fingertip sliding. With even balancing and weight, there are no awkward stops as you glide your screens open and close. When open, your screen can sit at any place on the track, there’s no snapping shut.

With a high-quality, strong, and customizable mesh, you can protect your home with shade, privacy, and insect screens, while allowing air to flow freely. Centor’s mesh has no pleats or lines that take away from your view.

Save money on your air conditioning and open your home to just the right amount of outside.

Centor Screens Are:
  • DISCREET – Shades and screens can be hidden when not in use to keep the lines in your home classy, elegant, and clean.
  • WIDE-COVERAGE – Protect your wide indoor-outdoor spaces from insects, sun, and create privacy with bi-fold door openings.
  • SMOOTH AND EASY – Glide your screen with your fingertip. This smooth glide is brought to you by hundreds of hours of research and patented technology.
  • MULTI-USE – Centor screens can fit sliding, folding, or French doors and windows, making sure you get the protection you need, no matter your style.
  • REPLACEABLE – Replace your shades or screens as your taste develops over the years.
  • COVERED – Maui Windows & Doors trusts Centor, as they offer a 5-year warranty on any of their products so you know that your purchase will last.
  • INSTALLED PROFESSIONALLY – We will make sure your new Centor screens are installed with respect to your home and in a timely fashion.
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