Hopefully you know what you’re looking for when it comes to doors. With Simpson Door Company’s choices, you get to narrow down hundreds of options to get the door that fits your home or business just right. Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior doors with options ranging from panel to French to glass or solid wood, you’re sure to find the door that fits your style and enhances your home.


We’d list all Simpson’s wood options, but it might take over the page! With 21 types of inspected, tested, and high quality wood to choose from, you’ll have no trouble matching a shade to your style. From lighter colored Alder and Ash to deeper toned Sapele Mahogany and Walnut, our wood comes with its own character. Looking to upgrade to a really classy entrance? You’ll have to see the Mastermark collection, which is filled with unique, elegant entryways that are sure to impress your guests.


Whether you’re looking for clear, full glass windows or a wood door with a classy privacy pane for light and a detail that compliments the design of your home, we’ve got options galore when it comes to glass. Frosted, clear, textured, and patterned choices let you pick what you want to let in (like light) and what you want to keep out (like nosy neighbors). Caming options come in many color options and styles to give your door glass a class of its own. With over 40 options, you’re guaranteed to find the glass that lights you up.


The entrance to your home is like a first impression. You get one chance at impressing your guests as they arrive to your home for the first time. Don’t you want them to frown over your entryway? With Simpson Door Company’s incredible selection of exterior doors, you’ll be able to find the perfect door to wow your visitors. How do you choose? With Maui Windows and Doors simple process, we’ll have you choose your style, wood, glass, and upgrade options, order and we’ll ship your new door right to your current one. Our Nantucket Series is especially built for rough coastal weather and includes a generous 10-year warranty to prove Simpson has faith in the quality of their hand-crafted doors.


Why is it important to have high-quality doors on the inside of your house? For one, noise. Also, they can change the whole look and feel of the place. With solid wood, bifold, paneled, and glass-inlay options to choose from, the inside of your house will be oozing with beauty and class when you get your Simpson doors.

Tough Exposures

If you live in a place that gets pounded by rain, wind, sun, debris, storms, or other natural disasters, the Simpson Door Company tough exposures options were made for you. With special options to keep water, sunrays, and unwanted intruders out, put one of these choices in with your order.