Ready to knock down that wall and open up your architecture with sliding, folding, or swinging glass doors? LaCantina Doors won’t disappoint! With options ranging from classic to elegant and romantic, show those sweeping views the light of day with these amazing doors. You’ll feel like your indoor and outdoor spaces become one. Not only are these doors made with the best materials, but they are built with seamless functional design that will last.

Folding Doors

They know their folding door systems, they’ve got it down. By setting the bar high for competitors, they offer incredible design paired with performance. With the top rolling hardware and extensive design options for frames and panels, LaCantina delivers an effortless folding door (unlike some companies out there). How big is your space? Do you need multiple breaks, options, and details? They’ve got you covered. If you want a no-hassle folding door experience, you know you can trust this vendor!

Swing Doors

Their new swing doors are taller and wider than ever before. Using stainless steel in the hinges creates strength and stability. These doors open and close easily and create more space in your space (vs. a typical single or French doors). The signature narrow doors go perfectly with other products to create a seamless style.There are also a large amount of customizable options, such as the sill, which can be weather resistant, even with the floor, and ADA compliant even in extreme weather situations.

Sliding Doors

Offering the same great quality as the swinging door systems, their sliding door options are superior to competitors. Not only do they look stunning, their function is top-of-the-line. The new, updated version of a multi-slide door will blow you away—they’ve combined the most wanted features of performance with a lift and slide system for a unique take on sliding door systems. When it comes to industry standers, their products exceed the expectations every time. That’s a great reason to trust LaCantina with your next architectural project.


They were the first company to specifically design a screen system for large areas. By offering choices between non-pleated and pleated screening products you can make sure that you get what you want. LaCantina’s pleated screen is a basic, but graceful way to keep unwanted pests from your home. The non-pleated version ensures that you still have a view. Blinds options give you privacy and saves money by reflecting UV rays away and keeping you cool. A large space is perfect for a screen system so you can feel the outdoors without being outside.

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Performance Glass

They’re known for using Cardinal Glass, the most trusted glass manufacturer around. We’ll tally up your order and make sure their glass meets your energy code requirements. These options give you incredible quality, durability, and savings when it comes to keeping the warmth in and the cold out. Low-E glass comes with all doors to continue bringing excellence to our customers. Cardinal Glass also created Neat Glass, which is even more energy efficient and is a cinch to keep clean.