For over 100 years (since 1913), Buffelen woodworkers have crafted doors to fit any gap. No matter how tall, wide, or difficult a project, our people find a way to craft a precise fit. Not looking for any cookie-cutter door? These doors are all handcrafted with pride to create a door to be proud of. Using a mix of traditional and modern techniques, their doors are known for strength, craftsmanship, and glove-like fit. With that much experience, you know you can trust the Buffelen brand to create a door that will last. The only thing limiting the design is your imagination. If you can dream it, they can build it.


With today’s technology, they have the opportunity to create more precisely engineered doors than ever before, without losing the traditions of bringing quality, beauty, and craftsmanship to each piece they create. From classic solid panel doors, French, Louver, and Heritage entry doors, the options are nearly endless. If you’re looking to make the entry way to your home more inviting and more fitting to your style, give Maui Windows and Doors a call and ask for more information about Buffelen brand.

Their wood options include the highest quality Cherry wood, Clear pine, Cypress, Fir, Hemlock, Hickory, Knotty Alder, Knotty Pine, Oak, Plain Sawn White Oak, Poplar, Sapele/Mahogany, Superior Alder, Walnut, White Birch, and White Maple. That means that no matter what grain, style, texture, or tint you’re looking for, they have a fit for you.


Continuing with the high standard that Buffelen sets, their medium density MDF is laminated for protection and built for strength and time. These doors create a soundproof barrier between rooms and will never crack, chip, or warp. The door’s surface is perfect for painting so you can truly make your MDF door your style. We can equip the MDF doors with regular or pivot hinges, pocket doors and more, whichever fits your space the best. After ordering your custom made MDF door, you’ll receive it laminated and primed, ready for a fresh coat of paint that will show off your new purchase.


Their craftsmen pride themselves on their handiwork for aesthetics, but also create doors that protect our clients from devastation. They create doors that not only withstand a hurricane and inevitable debris, but they do it with the same classic Buffelen style. With impact glass options, your hurricane-proof door can still let in the light of day. We also offer up fire doors that are rated anywhere from 20-90 minutes. How do they do it? They sandwich special material into the core of the door that can withstand extremely high temperatures, keeping fire from reaching the other side. They believe in their craftsmanship, quality, and keeping our customers safe from harm.


We love our solid wood doors, but sometimes you want a little light to leak into your home or business. They have over 20 choices when it comes to glass for your custom door. From privacy glass that you can’t see through (for the bathroom or bedroom) to perfectly crystal clear glass for a view, the clear choice is Buffelen.