When it comes to structurally sound, intricate, yet solid doors, Borano is the brand to think of. The unique designs that they produce are fit for a king. Their doors are made of high-quality woods, such as Mahogany (known for its unmatched color, strength, and incredible durability). They have outfitted their stunning, unique doors in countless homes, businesses, and on the grand scale, churches. These doors are for homeowners and contractors that like a classic or modern door made to last. What makes their products unique? Mahogany. Only the best quality, with no nails or pegs, just simple, classic, handcrafted design for these doors.


Besides stunning doors, they craft top quality Mahogany into windows, flooring, and beams, creating a warm, classy style for any home or business. With Borano’s acute attention to detail, you can rest assured you’re getting the best of the best. If you’re looking for a particular style, they offer everything from classic barn doors to sleek modern styles to vintage beauties. Custom gates round out the collection with one-of-a-kind handcrafted gates to look inviting, yet keep unwanted guests out. Another specialty is hurricane impact safety. Since Maui Windows and Doors is located in Maui, we know how scary it is to be in the direct path of an epic storm. With their many options of hurricane-proof doors, there’s sure to be a style that fits yours.

WOOD AND GLASS – classic, inspirational, French

For a see-through option, choose the designs that include glass for a window through to the outside world. Not only will these wood and glass doors brighten your home, they’ll brighten your face. From classic styles, to the most remarkable inspirational doors that are fit for a church or a king, Borano offers a number of styles to choose from, including the types of glass. The rain style looks as if there is rain dripping down, while the bubble glass houses dainty air pockets inside. Whether you want a clear view or privacy glass, they have you covered.

Wood and Metal

If the door you currently have in your home isn’t right for you, consider installing a custom door so that every time you enter your home, it feels like yours. Borano has been recognized as a company that creates handcrafted art pieces that enhance homes across the United States and around the world. Check out the incredible detailed design of the wine cellar doors if you want some door eye candy. There are beautifully crafted metal detail options on most of the products that Borano offers, just speak to a representative from Maui Windows and Doors to get help. If you’re looking for a custom door that reflects your style (and that style includes intricate metal-work), then the wood and metal doors are right for you!