Over 30 years ago, AAW began beautifying homes one door at a time.

As one of the globally recognized businesses in design and creation of these stunning doors, they use the best of the best when it comes to solid materials, eye-catching designs, and prices that make a large amount of their doors affordable to all.

Unlike some businesses, AAW still uses solid wood for building doors that can protect your home. Not only are they from forests that are managed sustainably, but there are quality checks and balances all the way through the process. Maui Windows and Doors will ship anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands, so start finding the perfect door for you!

Eco-Friendly FSC Certified
Greenest Door Company in the USA

AAW has been awarded one of the highest honors in the game – the “Greenest Door Company” in the USA. The FSC certification means that they make sustainable bamboo doors, water-based stains without harmful chemicals, and almost 100% of the mahogany doors are FSC Certified. They also offer low-E glass that helps you save money on cooling and heating all year round.


From gorgeous American Red Oak to the beautiful grain of Brazilian Mahogany or the classic swirl of knotty pine, these wood doors are the best in the market. Any shape, size, or detail is an option. Whether you’re looking for solid wood doors or a mix of wood and glass and/or metal, AAW has the right door for your style. Don’t want to hassle with applying your own finish? No problem! We have pre-finish and pre-hung options available to make sure you can just order and install your new wood door. Whether you live in a castle, mansion, apartment, or house, we have wood doors that will impress your guests and last a lifetime.


Whether you’re looking for a divider or a window to bring more light in a room, they have many options that will serve you well. The glass doors are hand crafted and one-of-a-kind, as the glass is made to fit your order and style. The wood that is used on glass doors and frames can come with their FSC certified Brazilian Mahogany, Oak, Knotty Alder, or rustic wood. AAW also offers beautiful arches the spice up any entryway.


A lot of homeowners choose wood doors for their homes, but if you haven’t seen the iron forged doors, get ready to be amazed! These stunning, galvanized metal doors are fully insulated and include insulated glass to keep the cold out and the warmth inside. Stainless steel hinges with ball bearing ensure a smooth open and close and we have many options available for different sizes, styles, and details. These doors are hand forged by master craftsmen and will impress anyone who sees it. So if you’re looking for a unique touch that will blow your guests away with its beauty, you’ll want one of our iron-forged doors!