If one thing’s true about Maui, it’s that we are exposed to a lot of elements—plenty of sun, seawater, and wind. If you are looking to set up your own outdoor kitchen, cabinets, or appliances, you’ll want to choose NatureKast products from Maui Windows & Doors. Why? They’re weatherproof. Imagine wood that doesn’t crack, warp, or fade over time. That’s what you’ll get with NatureKast.

Outdoor Kitchen

This is a requirement for a lot of homes on Maui. We really enjoy spending time outdoors (since the weather is usually the best in the world) and want to share our space with friends, family, and neighbors. With NatureKast products, we can set you up with a sweet outdoor space that will be the talk of the town. Weatherproof drawers, cabinets, sinks, counters, and storage will keep your things safe from stormy weather. With tons of options for grills, tool storage, and finishes, we’ll help you create the outdoor kitchen that you’ve always wanted. Contact one of our Maui Windows & Doors representatives to help you get started!

Outdoor TV Cabinet

It sounds like a dream to hang by the pool and watch the game. Now, it can become a reality. With options for outdoor, weatherproof TV cabinets, you can enjoy the outdoors without missing your favorite shows or the big game. Ideal for hosting Super Bowl parties or movie nights with friends and family, your home will be the place to be. The best part about NatureKast products is that you don’t have to worry about anything being damaged by weather. Your TV is safe outdoors with us by your side.


NatureKast uses the highest quality materials to create weatherproof, durable cabinets and counters.


NatureKast drawer boxes and cabinets are made with 100% waterproof PVC, which is put together with a weld-like process that makes for the strongest cabinet box out there. Available in black or white, this cabinetry is lightweight and easy to clean.


This material is basically like lightweight foam that’s pressed into a mold, compressed down with great force, making something dense and super strong. When combining Resin with PVC, you get “weatherproof.” Resin can also be designed to look like real wood, for a beautiful, natural finished product.


  • A natural looking wood finish that doesn’t fade, crack, or warp
  • A huge variety of products to choose from with custom modifications
  • Award-winning & easy to install with your most basic tools
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