With a long-standing reputation for quality cabinetry, Merit Kitchens Cabinetry has been creating extraordinary cabinets for almost 50 years. Shipping all over from Canada to Asia and parts of United States, we now add Hawaii to that list. Maui Windows & Doors is excited to bring Merit’s phenomenal craftsmanship into your home. A staff of skilled craftspeople, the best materials, and highest values made Merit the superior cabinetmaker it is today.

Dream Kitchen

When it comes to options, Merit offers it all. Creating the kitchen of your dreams is just a few choices away. Look no further for all your storage, cooking, and pantry needs. Give us a call to get started today!

  • Doors: Strong wood, attention to detail, and modern designs make Merit doors the best in the business
  • Wood: Starting with the highest quality wood they can get our hands on, they hand-finish with a gentle touch to highlight the natural grain
  • Finish: Their talented craftspeople use custom hand-finishing techniques to reveal the beauty of the wood you select
  • Drawers, Cases, Hinges: All metal and self-cleaning features means long-lasting functionality and easy care
  • Space: Innovative storage designed to keep your stuff where it belongs
  • Decorative: More glass door choices than you can imagine with a number of other customizable styles to create a kitchen that is unique, just like you

Equipment and Process

With the perfect balance of old-world craftsmanship and 21stcentury technology, Merit craftspeople begin with the highest standard of wood to create precise, beautiful, and solid cabinetry every day. The time-tested processes of dowel & glue case construction, CNC machinery precision, and case-clamp technology make sure that perfectly square, strong cases have almost invisible lines.  Sparing no expense, exacting standards are also clear in smooth-sanded and finished solid wood dovetail drawer boxes. As a final quality test, Merit employees test each cabinet before it leaves the factory. A laborious inspection ensures that each product stands up to Merit’s superior cabinetry standards.


Maui Windows & Doors trusts Merit because they begin with wood graded A1 by the Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association – the top standard possible. All materials are picked carefully from heavily screened suppliers. Each lot of paint and stain is tested against a control sample to make sure color consistency is on point. With German-engineered and manufactured hinges, slides, and drawer boxes, with all-metal moving parts, Merit ensures long-life reliability throughout their products.

Have any questions? Maui Windows & Doors’ friendly representatives are standing by for your call to start creating the quality kitchen of your dreams!

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