If you’re in the market for a new kitchen for your island home, Maui Windows & Doors is at your service. Partnering with Dura Supreme, some of the country’s highest quality cabinetmakers, means you get a kitchen that will stand the test of time. Combining classic crafting skills like dovetail joints and hand-applied finishes with the technology of the 21stcentury brings precision, superiority, and value to your cabinets. Choosing to build a new kitchen is not a small decision, which is why we are the business on Maui to trust.


Does your dream kitchen have a hood that looks like something a professional chef would have? Or does it have an island with stools so your kids can hang out with you while dinner’s in the oven? When you work with us, we’ll offer up a variety of options that fit your needs.

The Dura Supreme line can bring something special—double drawer space with stackable silverware trays or neatly organized spices. Cookware pullouts provide slots for pots, pans, and lids so you’re not digging in cupboards for the right top. With storage options for pantry goods, cleaning supplies, trash and recycling, and accessories, your stuff will all have a place to go, leaving your counters clean for cooking. Transform your kitchen into the one you’ve always wanted with Maui Windows & Doors.

Media Center

Life would be bland without the occasional movie night. To help your screen shine, yet blend into the design of your home, ask one of our friendly representatives about the Dura Supreme Media Center. With the same level of quality, detail, and customization as their kitchen products, Dura Supreme can provide the perfect entertainment center for you. Create spaces for your TV, speakers, gaming consoles, movies, and more, your new entertainment center to help keep everything organized. If your family loves movies, they’ll love your one-of-a-kind media center.


The bathroom is a sacred, private space where we all should be able to relax and cleanse ourselves. If your bathroom felt like a high-end spa, you’d be sure to start and end your day refreshed. With Dura Supreme’s bathroom line, you can immerse yourself in the beautiful design, soak in the sight of your new cabinets, and cleanse yourself of your day. Ask Maui Windows & Doors about Dura Supreme’s bathroom line to create your spa get-away every day.

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