If you’re living the island life of Maui, an outdoor kitchen is a necessity. The beauty of being able to relax, grill, and host in the outdoors is priceless. We are excited to introduce you to Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens, a weatherproof, stylish, and convenient way to enjoy your outdoor space. Atlantis brings you a huge variety of options when it comes to style, space, and budget. Made with “Perma Tek,” Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens are built to withstand almost any weather, including the harsh sun, seawater, and wind we get in Maui. For a seamless indoor/outdoor space that you, your friends and family will love, call Maui Windows & Doors and ask for an Atlantis Outdoor Kitchen!

Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens

Your kitchen isn’t just a place to make food, it’s a place to mingle, host, socialize, and share a drink. With a custom outdoor kitchen with Atlantis products, you can create a space that fits your needs. With cabinets for storing your plates, glasses, kitchen tools and gadgets, you won’t need to run back into the house every time you need a bottle opener. Inventive storage options include spots for extra propane tanks, trashcans, grilling tools, and more. Everything the grill master in your family needs in one convenient place.


What are Atlantis cabinets made from? The patented “Perma Tek” material, which can handle temperatures from over 200 degrees Fahrenheit to -100 degrees Fahrenheit. In Maui, we’re exposed to sun, rain, seawater and plenty of wind. Atlantis products are built to last through all of it. Everything; including bottoms, sides, and tops are made with 3/4 inch “Perma Tek”, and put together with the most modern construction technology, ensuring the strongest final product. Care is easy, too! If your cabinets or counters get dirty, no problem. Just clean with soap and water or your garden hose.

Looking for a more natural finished look? We can offer a wide variety of wood finishes, including Brazilian cherry, TT poplar, or teak. Want to keep it simple? We can go white, black, steel or tan, too. Whatever style you want, Maui Windows & Doors will make sure you’re on the right track to your dream space.

Our Guarantee

With a lifetime warranty on their outdoor cabinets, Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens is worth every penny. If you’re not satisfied or if you find any signs of warping, fading, or damage, they will back it up. We choose only the highest quality partners to work with, so you get the best deals and the best products.