When Maui Windows & Doors decided to offer up 6 Square Cabinets, we knew we had a quality colleague. With traditional styles and flexible options, 6 Square Cabinets offers up cabinetry that lasts, fits your space perfectly, and fits your budget. By blending stock styles, you’ll get cabinets that seem custom built just for your space—at a stock cost. When you choose Maui Windows & Doors and 6 Square Cabinets for your home, you won’t regret it. A limited lifetime warranty will back up your purchase and make sure you get what we promise to deliver—quality.

Smart Storage

Are you sick of seeing clutter all over your kitchen? From wooden spoons to spice jars all over, if you’re looking for a storage solution, Maui Windows & Doors can help. With 6 Square Cabinets, it’s easy. They provide genius customizations that make organizing look like a piece of cake. The Base Pull Out storage is the perfect place for spices right by the stove. A pots & pans drawer can give you the deep drawers needed for your bulky beauties. Lazy Susans are the perfect partner for corner storage, while the Tray Base cabinet can house cookie sheets, cutting boards, and large, flat items. With a huge variety of options, the only limits on your storage are in your mind. Give us a call today to start getting your life in order.

Custom Cabinets

From depth options to beaded panels, the 6 Square Cabinet line offers many modifications that can be created to fit your space perfectly. With more options at a lesser price, you’ll get more than you bargain for. We are committed to keeping the design process simple; yet include the variety to make your new cabinets really feel like yours. Speak with one of our friendly representatives today to get started on your new 6 Square Cabinets!

Specialty Cabinets

Still looking for something special? 6 Square Cabinet’s specialty line includes a sweet 6” Spice Drawer for a cozier kitchen. A wastebasket cabinet can help you keep your rubbish out of sight. When choosing the Open End Shelf Base, you can put your favorite kitchen items on display, like a large glass salad bowl or an inviting basket of tea. With other options available, you can learn more by speaking with a friendly representative, so you get what you’re looking for!

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